review aliexpress brushes

dat new new sophyea makeup brushes review aliexpress brushes

Okay, I admit it, I am guilty of browsing AliExpress in my spare time. Just out of curiosity.

Last time as I was on my usual tour, I came across this insanely cheap makeup brush set which had pretty decent reviews. I thought to myself, why the fuck not and ended up ordering it, for shits and giggles. To say that I had low expectations would be an understatement, I mean, for that low of a price… I thought it was a scam. But lo and behold, I was wrong.

The brushes arrived within 16 days, nicely packaged. They are of very decent quality, the handles are a tad lighter than my more expensive brushes but the bristles… GOD, these bristles… They are just as soft as my other brushes, if not better. I was so so so very impressed by the quality. The brushes are really nicely made, they did not shed at all.
The set has a variety of brushes which actually blew my mind. Between dense, soft, stiff… You literally have it all.

Now let’s talk about my favourites. I actually have four brushes I like the most out of the set (see picture on the right).

  • The dense blending brush: literally the softest blending brush in the game! It packed and blended the colour super nicely in my crease.
  • The stiff angled brush: I used this brush for my brows and GIRL let me tell you… I was expecting some shit cheap soft brush, you know the wanky type which you can’t make straight and sharp lines with… Well this brush is not it. I am literally in love.
  • The fluffy crease blending brush: this brush is super soft and blends amazingly the shadow in my crease.
  • The pencil brush: sooooo soft but stiff, it packs the colour real nice. It’s heaven for my fellow cut crease lovers. I also use it to smudge the shadow under my eyes. review aliexpress brushes

review aliexpress brushes

I think I will definitely be ordering more make-up brushes from there… Do you have a set to suggest?


(upper half) OOTD – All black

OOTD Sophyea

Oversized glasses and low buns make everything look better… Am I right?

Oversized Aviator sunnies from Primark, 3€
Spaghetti straps cropped tank top from Primark, 3€
Super High-Waisted Black stone washed jeans from Pull & Bear, 9.99€ (on sale)
Fluffy slides which you can’t see from TK Maxx, 12.99€



puma x fenty patent creepers review

Ok, I have been wanting a pair of Riri creepers since the day I saw her wearing them but 140€ was a little too much for my poor wallet back in the day (still is now). And I mean, they were sold out as soon as they dropped anyway so I just appreciated them from afar and pushed the idea of owning my own pair in the back of my head.

A year later, as I was browsing Caliroots, I spot this pair of patent Fenty creepers for a whooping 90€ and as if finding a pair I liked in my size and for 90€ was not good enough, the website had a flash sale of -20% on sale which means that I only ended up paying 77€ (including shipping). THATS MY KIND OF DEALS!

Anyways, now let’s get to the review. First of all, the pictures on the website really didn’t do these shoes justice, they look so much more nicer in real life… I know the patent leather is a little bit risqué, which explains why they are still in stock but personally, it is right up my alley! As soon as I saw them, I just fell in love.

The shoe comes in the good ol’ matte black box with the super fancy-shmancy velvet dust bag. They fit very true to size and were surprisingly SUPER comfortable. I was so scared to have to go through the blister nightmare but it did not happen! I wore them 6 days in a row (yup, I am that girl) and my feet were not traumatised. It is definitely one of my favourite purchase this year…

I will soon be showing you how I style these babies!

FYI: The shoes are still available in many sizes on Luisaviaroma and Caliroots. Cop your pair before it is too late!


What is the one pair of shoe you have been wanting for a while?



There is nothing more complicated for an indecisive person like me than to find a niche and stick to it. It took me over 6 months to find a purpose to this blog. Between browsing Pinterest and analysing (yup) other bloggers, I might have found the main blogging topic I will be chit-chatting about in here (about time). The funny thing is that it was right in front of my face this whole time but I have been so focused on how other people did it that I overlooked it.

This blog will be the most relevant to broke students or ex-students (in my case) with a taste for expensive stuff. I will be showing you how to not look broke in a full H&M outfit (yeah girl it is possible). I will be showing you how to style the cheapest items to make you look like a thousand bucks and I will be sharing tips on how to build a good wardrobe with a mix between extremely cheap and mid-priced items.

If you are looking for a girly blog, full of pink bows and ballet flats… You are not at the right place I am afraid.

I cannot wait to start,

Soph x



I saw my fair share of strange looking overpriced clothes. I saw so many that I actually am ready to dedicate a complete segment to overpriced shit you’ll never catch me wearing. Let’s see what I have to say…

overpriced shit you won't catch me wearing

Let’s be real, we live in a sad world. A world where you get judged based on the label of your clothes, so naturally, people could wear Cinderella’s nasty floor mop if we added a Chanel tag on it. But don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good clothing, in fact, I am one of the picky shoppers. I am also willing to pay more for stuff which actually deserve more, but sometimes, I just feel like designers are fucking with us.

Exhibit A – the Gucci meets Sex Shop shoes, € 1.150 (overpriced shit 1)

shit you'll never catch me wearing

Do I even need to say anything? 1.150 euros for a latex sock in a blue sandal (that looks like you picked it up from a good ol’ thrift shop)… but I mean… it’s Gucci though.

Exhibit B – The Intergalactic Swag Biker Jacket by Tommy Hilfiger, € 890 (overpriced shit 2)

shit you'll never catch me wearing

I personally feel offended by this jacket. It is hands down the ugliest colour scheme and material I have ever seen. And as if things weren’t already bad for this jacket, it is also CROPPED.
3/5 cropped jackets look ugly in general, but 5/5 cropped metallic blue and silver biker jackets look ugly.

Keep it up Tommy!

Exhibit C – What the fuck is happening by Stella McCartney, € 675 (overpriced shit 3)

shit you'll never catch me wearing

I am at loss for words. The first thing I think of when I see this is a failed piece of art. You know, when artists try too hard to make something hype and just fail? Thats what this would look like. But let me give my interpretation of this, I see the Japanese flag, repeated, weird bold writings like you see on every hoodies nowadays, super weird/wannabe cool ice cream cones with a text (with no meaning) printed across in a “cool” font and an ugly unflattering tunique shape. This is the type of mess which belongs in a Desigual store. No joke.

Exhibit 4 – In case one button breaks by Ellery, € 580 (overpriced shit 4)

overpriced shit you won't catch me wearing

In case you were wondering what happens to that one pair of jeans that you always find on the sales rack, well it gets re-labeled and sold for almost 600 euros. Honestly… like seriously… Why so many buttons? I really need to know because it obviously isn’t for aesthetics so what is the meaning of this?

I think that is enough for today.
If any of the pieces are your cup of tea, cool, rock them (if you can afford them)! These are obviously my opinions.
I’ll see you soon with another blogpost!

Soph xx


A toast to fresh starts!

I have always wanted to blog. Write about my experiences, the things I like and dislike, the places I visit, the products I try.

A couple of months ago, I finally took the jump and created this blog. After a couple of months posting, I realised that it was not as easy as it looked to maintain a blog. And with my busy schedule, it felt like the content I posted was what I like to call “half ass”. So I deleted everything and took some time to think about which direction I wanted to take this blog and guess what?

I think I finally have an idea.

Cheers to second chances!