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Okay, I admit it, I am guilty of browsing AliExpress in my spare time. Just out of curiosity.

Last time as I was on my usual tour, I came across this insanely cheap makeup brush set which had pretty decent reviews. I thought to myself, why the fuck not and ended up ordering it, for shits and giggles. To say that I had low expectations would be an understatement, I mean, for that low of a price… I thought it was a scam. But lo and behold, I was wrong.

The brushes arrived within 16 days, nicely packaged. They are of very decent quality, the handles are a tad lighter than my more expensive brushes but the bristles… GOD, these bristles… They are just as soft as my other brushes, if not better. I was so so so very impressed by the quality. The brushes are really nicely made, they did not shed at all.
The set has a variety of brushes which actually blew my mind. Between dense, soft, stiff… You literally have it all.

Now let’s talk about my favourites. I actually have four brushes I like the most out of the set (see picture on the right).

  • The dense blending brush: literally the softest blending brush in the game! It packed and blended the colour super nicely in my crease.
  • The stiff angled brush: I used this brush for my brows and GIRL let me tell you… I was expecting some shit cheap soft brush, you know the wanky type which you can’t make straight and sharp lines with… Well this brush is not it. I am literally in love.
  • The fluffy crease blending brush: this brush is super soft and blends amazingly the shadow in my crease.
  • The pencil brush: sooooo soft but stiff, it packs the colour real nice. It’s heaven for my fellow cut crease lovers. I also use it to smudge the shadow under my eyes. review aliexpress brushes

review aliexpress brushes

I think I will definitely be ordering more make-up brushes from there… Do you have a set to suggest?